Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Korean Foodtrip: Min Sok Restaurant

It was a great day for us because we're celebrating our 11th Monthsary. I prepared a surprise for him. It was a long time ago since I saw this interesting restaurant. "Word of mouth" power. It's Min Sok Restaurant. Those great reviews I saw about this place was really impressive and I'm curious. I also wanted to bring Butterfinger to this mystical place and it will be our first korean experience. 

Hey, you really pulled a fast one on me that day! I was not expecting this kind of surprise, one of the best experience I had in a restaurant. 

He was really surprised. ehehe! Sinong lagot?
 First, we were greeted by the owner. He was really nice although we can't really understand thoroughly his English. Who cares?! it's like where in Korea. right Butterfinger? hehe. The ambience of the place was so Korean. It's very comfy!