Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lurking @ Mercato Centrale and Lazer Tagging in LazerXtreme

Gummybear: We've seen Mercato Centrale open to the the public for the past months and we really wanted to visit this awesome market, but because of busy schedules we couldn't  leave a day for it. Finally, by chance, last January 22, 2011, we didn't have classes that day so we decided to visit the place. We got there around 9am and it's already jam packed with people. We visited all the interesting booths and wow! they were all irresistible. Good thing we were offered to free taste. Yum yum! We didn't skipped booths so that we could experience every product they offered. It was an awesome experience!

Butterfinger: It was a really exciting day for us! We were finally at one of the best places to take part of great food, Mercato Centrale! It was like diving head first into a culinary feast of desserts, sandwiches, grilled food, fried food, almost every possible way to cook food were present. The cool thing about MC, was that you don't feel as if your in a mall where your are constantly looked at by the staff, their stares feel like your pressured to buy. You could say it's a comparison to the "European" style of market. You go up close and personal with the actual makers of the product. Simply put, its a place where food lovers  meet.

Gummybear: A lot were wonderful but some booths really impressed us, and these were:

(In Tent 1)
1. - I'm not a tea fan but I really enjoyed the taste of the dried flowers turned into tea. They tasted herbally. After I sipped the tea with some rosemary in it. (I forgot the full name) Holy molly! I felt calm and refreshed.
2. Pamora Farm - Their product was all about chicken and it so organic. I loved most was the different flavored spread. I forgot the name that I craved, it tasted somewhat liver spread.

3. Baked by Anita - Oh those mini cupcakes but big in taste, it was definitely my sweet tooth.

(Tent 2)
1. Little Miss OC Kitchen - Those adorable cupcakes were part of my cravings that day. If I'm going to buy those, it will be hard for me to eat it because of the cutey designs.
Can you resist eating this one?
and this?
2. Empire Macaroons - We didn't got the chance to taste their creations but we're definitely sure that they were great. They were kinda pricey. I think 35 each. :)

3. Tacklings - (50 per tray) They were cute little thing and I love to shove it into my mouth. Hehe! I love the crunchy texture but the taste was somewhat all right. We also remember a family that shared their tray with us, thanks again!

4. Mochiko - I know they tasted great not because I tasted it already but because they appear delicious. And it had an ice cream filling inside, that was heaven.
Looks were not deceiving with this one. :)
5. Simply Pie - Aside from its cool name we love their Mini Quiche Spinach Feta and Sundried Tomato. Mmm!

6. Moroccan - It got our attention because of its unique bread and they all looked delicious. They also offered Moroccan delicacies. A great try!

7. Ha Yuan - When it's time to eat already, we saw that their sandwiches were eaten by most of the people there. So, I bought one and it was good. Great for breakfast just for 60 php.  

8. Pan de Bagnet - Of course, the famous product in Mercato. Butterfinger bought  one for 150 php and it was the best sandwich I've ever tasted that day. I was surprised that I kept eating his sandwich rather than mine. Hehe! 

(Hot and Grilled Area)
There were also a lot of interesting finds outside. It's their grilling area. I really want to try some great booths like:

1. Z' sausages - As we walked by this booth, we smelled the aroma of fried sausage. Mmm, yummy!

2. Bap Chi - Their Korean and Mexican duo was a drool. Definitely, will come back for this one. 

3. Off Beat Company - We were awe-strucked by one of its unique burgers which was the Krispy Kreme Honey Glazed Burger. That was different and I'm so curious with the taste.

4. Jam Foods - The best Angus beef tapa! The lady was so accomodating. We will definitely go back and try this one. 

5. Merry Moo - They have yummy yogurt ice cream to taste aside from its common flavors; strawberry, mocha etc, and we got to taste their new creation, its the bacon flavored yogurt ice cream! It was ooh sooo yummy! We could taste the bacon tidbits. It really tasted sweet and the bacon did contrast to the creamy milk very well. :)

6. Johnny Steaks -  This was also a great try because they have great servings of burgers and they also have a uniquely made burger which was the peanut butter one.

Gummybear: These were out picks for that day. We will definitely come back to Mercato Centrale. Aside from the great finds in it we also happened to pass Mr. Anton Diaz from Our Awesome Planet and had our picture together. I was so happy that we saw him because he's also one of our inspirations in our blog. How lucky!

Gummybear: After that amazing food trip, we went to LazerXtreme. It had been 3 months since we purchased the LazerXtreme deal in Cash Cash Pinoy. We paid 100 php only for one game with free iced tea. It's original price was 190 php. So, we really got a great deal in Cash Cash Pinoy. Right now, they have a lot of good deals you might want to check it out. Thank you Cash Cash Pinoy! 

Butterfinger: Waiting patiently outside, we decided to look around and observe who our enemies would be. And to our amazement, they were mostly children, most of them foreigners. Thinking that this means that it would be an easy fight, thinking that these little children would just run and hide from us.(especially me, 'cause I am "big") haha...
Gummybear: For 20 minutes, running, hiding and shooting the enemy. That's a simple task but it wasn't simple as it seemed because our enemies were like pros already. They already had tactics and they were so fast. Since it was our first time and we're still coping with the game which resulted to a defeat. Anyway, we had so much fun! And also I learned in the end that you should check your name first in your lazer gun so after the game you'll have your scores. Too bad I didn't look at my gun so I don't know which character I was and didn't get my score.

Butterfinger: Sweaty and defeated by kids, we still walked with our heads up, proud of blasting little children. hehe.. This was surely a day of great food and great fun!

Gummybear: Thank you Butterfinger for an awesome date! Looking forward for another one. :)

Butterfinger & Gummybear

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our take on the blogging issue..

ButterfingerWell, honestly, I don't want to take part on this issue other than I hope that bloggers out there stay true to what I think we all have/had when we started to blog, and that is passion for the things we blog about... It's not that I don't want to take sides, or I am not affected by this issue, I truly am affected, but more important to me than blaming anyone is the fact that this kind of practice is present among our culture. 

Never let people corrupt you or your passion for what you do. What I mean by this is that there will always be people who will take advantage of your talents and skills and also resources that you possess in order to make a profit. In my opinion, one's skills and assets are meant to be shared to others in a way that you don't step on your fellow man, making sure that every step you take to satisfy your passion is not on anyone's grief or downfall.

I don't have anyone in mind about who this Big Bad Blogger could be, it could be anyone who has a blog.. This could turn out in more ways than we could investigate each angle. I think that we should focus more on the idea that there are people who are willing to manipulate blogging as a tool for gaining profit from "unbiased" opinions. To be quite frank, its the PR company I'm more worried about.. Lets hope this big blow to bloggers everywhere does not ruin the fun and purity that is blogging.

To all of us bloggers, blogging is both a privilege and a right. A right because this is part of our "freedom of speech", a privilege because we share thoughts that will affect our fellow man, and with that comes responsibility.

Gummybear: As a blogger, I was disturbed and felt bad about the news. Definitely, disheartening. I'm concerned because as reader as well, we will be the one who'll suffer more from this propaganda. The veracity of a blogger will be at stake. Indeed, you're right Butterfinger, the PR company should be the one to be worried about. And we should know the reason why we blog in the first place so whenever a PR company wants to make a deal for you, you already know the answer. 

Let us make blogging a happy clean hobby!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free 6 arrows in Gandiva Archery @ MOA

Gummybear: Ever since I saw this store, I wanted to try Archery but it was way out of budget for me. I think the rates are 500 for 1 hour. That's expensive right?! When, I saw the ad that they're having FREE 6 arrow rounds. I didn't hesitate to check it out. I grabbed Butterfinger to the store, though he's somewhat hesitant at first but was thrilled when he saw what it really was.

Butterfinger: Never in my wildest dreams that I have ever imagined my self inside an archery shop.(But I've had my fantasies of shooting arrows and being Robin Hood now and again). I thought it was going to be a hassle availing the promo, think paper works before the actual shots, but it proved me otherwise. They simply wanted everyone to try the sport, and maybe catch archery fever.

Gummybear: We bought our own target paper which was 25 bucks. We both felt the adrenaline rush in our body. I'm like Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Hehe! I admit that it's somewhat hard for me because I'm not that macho at all but it didn't hinder me from shooting those arrows even though one or two of them were shot outside the target paper. *sigh* I enjoyed it very much! Definitely worth to try!

Butterfinger: Told ya there was some buying involved, but it was for the better. 25 Pesos for target paper. It was not compulsory though, the staff told us that it would make the experience more rewarding eying a bull's down our sights. So we bought one. Gummybear tried first. I instantly changed my mind about the whole experience the moment she took stance and shot the arrow. I was now determined to hit the center. Nice shooting from Gummybear, and I think she would do great in archery, makes me think twice before getting her angry. Hehe.. 

Gummybear: It's already Butterfinger's turn and even though it's his first time to try he actually shot the middle of the target paper. He's definitely a keeper! I really admired him! +100000 crush points. :)

Butterfinger: Bow up, string pulled, sights set, concentration intense, then boom! right down the middle. Felt really good! I was trying to look calm and cool by the time we all realized I hit the bull's eye, but honestly, inside I was thinking "I'm the king of the forest! Bow before my magnificent skills!", or something like that. :)

We recommend this to anyone who wants to spur out the stresses and anger inside. Shooting the arrow and hitting the target will surely let some steam off, just make sure you choose your targets well.

Butterfinger & Gummybear