Saturday, January 30, 2010

Logic + Attitude = Sherlock Holmes

Bϋtterfinger & GϋmmyBear:  Hey everyone! It will be our first time to review! We hope you guys read it through and get something from our simple thoughts and insights.
Bϋtterfinger: This is to rave about the events of one of the greatest night to start the year. As you all know, and for those who don't, GϋmmyBear and I were at the advance screening of one of the most anticipated movies of 2010, Sherlock Holmes! Starring Ironman's Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, and Mark Strong.

GϋmmyBear: Well, we were just so lucky that we won the contest in Fudge Magazine.  Funny thing about it we both joined the contest and won. We both have same reason why we joined, it's because we wanted to treat each other to an advanced screening.  Fortunately, we both won. ϋϋϋ

Bϋtterfinger: Yup yup, It was our first time to attend an advance screening and boy was it different from a normal movie viewing experience. First off, I think it was exclusive and had limited tickets, so somewhat we felt special and lucky to have been admitted (special thanks and a big shout out to FUDGE magazine!).
GϋmmyBear: We were like Alice in the Wonderland. We're so jubilant about the advance screening because it was our first time. We're like "Can we take a picture on the poster? Here here, on the red carpet...” And yeah, I agree Bϋtterfinger; the ticket was different compared to the ordinary movie ticket. It was BIG with a great touch because the texture was SMOOTH and it had a picture of the film. It also had a schedule of the activities of the event including a cocktail before the film started. Soooo cool! Love it!