Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Sweet tooth for 1st Ever Desert Expo!

Gummybear: Last time, we blogged about the event here, and this is how it all went down. It was definitely, a splendid event, kudos to Goodfellas Productions. They did it outstandingly. We got invites as bloggers. We never thought that we could attend such a marvelous event.

Butterfinger: Yes! We have it right here, the on the spot cover of the expo! Tummies were  filled, our sweet tooth's satisfied, sugar ran high as we took a bite at the sweeter side of life.

Gummybear: A lot of great chefs were part of the event sharing they're sweet irresistible desserts. We never allow to miss one booth and of course return to satisfy our sweet tooth. I wished I could remember all the participants and give comments to each one. But all of them we're such connoisseurs. We were like in La La Land for every bite we had. Aside from the taste, they marvelously made it with cute designs that made us drool.

Butterfinger: Every chef that attended had there own versions of the classics like Tarts, Cookies, Cakes, and more. Sweet was not the only flavor we tasted, a harmony of different flavors gave a broader meaning to desserts.

Here are some of our pics:


Spicy Chocolate! Yum for P265 per box of 18

Mmm for P670 per 8inch

Definitely worth a dozen try for P580 per 8inch

Great for gift this holidays!

Don't forget the delicious cream puffs!

Revel bars were definitely in!

Blueberry cheesecake, my favorite!
Gummybear: My expectation about the expo was like the ones in World Trade Center and SMX, where they have booths. Anyway, we had a great time lurking around the sweets! Thank you for the invites! Looking forward for 2nd Desert Expo!

Butterfinger: Me too! Thought the place would look like a warehouse full of sweet desserts, kinda like the ones GummyBear mentioned, but this intimate style of expo lives up to the title: First Dessert Expo. See you on the second one!

Other photos from the event:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bubble Tea: A Bubbly way to start the day!

Ahem! Another wonderful surprise from my GĎ‹mmybear. And if you've been reading through our posts, you'll notice that her surprises usually starts with both of us getting lost and finding ourselves asking for directions. Not that I'm complaining, its still a blessing in disguise when we get lost. It is in those times we find hidden treasures among roads less traveled.

     That day, we found ourselves craving for some blended iced coffee and strawberry shakes, but we found more than that inside Bubble Tea. This is a newly opened Bubble Tea branch in the Greenhills area(take note, "area" not the mall itself). Being very keen on good deals and discounts on the net, we stumbled upon a great deal on http://awesome.ph/, which granted us to 600Php worth of food (99 for 300 worth of food x 2 = 198 for 600 worth of food) and 2 large milk tea for free. 

Gummybear - It's in West Greenhills. I didn't know that place was that big. They even needed to have a North, South, East and West area. When we were lost, we did this act in which we came up with conversations about how to get there, just like the popular reality show, the amazing race. :)

The place itself lives up to its name, its full of round bubbly decors. Cute and comfy in pink with sprinkles of light toned colors, you'll feel giggly inside the Bubble Tea. 

When we had the menu on our hands, we were surprised to see more than the usual blended ice beverages among other things. They actually have an assortment of japanese dishes, from the usual tempura and Katsudon(which I LOVE by the way), to the authentic japanese mainstay dishes like sushi and okonomiyaki (japanese pancakes).

Stars means best sellers!

We ordered the Kani Salad for starters, then we added the Okonomiyaki, Crunchy California Maki, and of course the Katsudon. 
The Kani Salad tasted fresh and with just enough japanese mayo to tickle the palate.
At first bite, the Crunchy California Maki was really tasty, with a hints of toasted sesame seeds sprinkled over the maki. But as you take in more of the maki, the saltiness of the toasted sesame seed began to overpower the maki experience, leaving the mango, cucumber, and the rest of the maki as mere aftertastes to the saltiness of the seeds. 

The Kastudon on the other hand was very satisfying.Even a self proclaimed Katsudon conosuire such as myself would be quite satisfied with a big bowl like this. The melting pot of vegetables and the pork was really tasty, just a hint of sweetness to it. One serving was also enough for both Gummybear and I.
Where the Katsudon left off, the Okonomiyaki followed! We loved it! The japanese really know how to turn ordinary pancakes into mouth watering. It had all the japanese flavors you like, balancing sweet with salty, creamy texture melts in your mouth. The only problem we had with this is that there wasn't enough! We wanted more!
For Free (worth 80)

Free Again! (worth 80)

Gummybear - Aside from the amazing discount we that got, the heartwarming joy of Butterfinger made my day. It's my advance 14th monthsary surprise. Wee! We also had another adventure that day, the 1st ever Desert Expo. Watch out for the blog! 

Butterfinger and Gummybear

Errands: Passport Renewal in DFA

Ongoing construction of New DFA

GummyBear:  I don't have any picture of the New DFA, so this is just from Google. :) Anyways, I was so excited for my passport renewal. Imagine, I still have the brown passport with my baby picture, way back when my family and I needed to go back here in the Philippines from Libya (my birth place). 

My appointment time was 10:30am, Nov 13, 2010. I got there just in time but the problem was my papers and all the requirements was with my boyfriend, Paulo (Butterfinger) and he was still on his way. I left it in his car the other day. Geez. According to guidelines, I should arrive there 30 minutes before the appointment time. Arggh, so stressed.

To make the story short, I was still able to catch the appointment because they had a cutoff upto 11:00 am. Even though your appointment time is 10 or 10:30 am you'll still be in time if you arrive not later than 11am. But I suggest to not rely on it because you'll be in a hurry. It is much better to go there without the sweat unlike me. *sigh* 

I was amazed of how the new system of the DFA works. It's definitely fast. After I showed my papers to the guard, I proceeded to the verification area, then next was inside the building where you'll be going to show your papers again, they'll punch your old passport and will give you a paper to be used in paying the fee which is in second floor. There was a line though, but so glad that it was not that long. I paid the fee and they gave me a number and my receipt. I sat down and waited for my number to be called for data encoding which included the picture taking. Geez, I forgot to put on light makeup. Anyways, simplicity is beauty (rationalization).*sigh*  I haven't experienced the old DFA system so I can't compare it. Anyways, I love the experience! Wee! I paid the express one so I'll get my new passport on Dec 1. Yey! 

Butterfinger stayed in his car which was parked in the nearby Petron because escorts were not allowed inside.

By the way, I did the Online Appointment, and you might also want to try the DFA Hotline            (02) 737-1000.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Event: Sweet Surrender 1st Ever Dessert Expo 2010

Suger High Madness! As our nick names imply, we both love sweets and deserts! What better way to satisfy our cravings than a desert expo! Time to sink in some of the industry's best cakes, pastries, chocolates, and much much more! If you have a craving for the sweet stuff, this is where its at!

-Gummybear: Deserts O Deserts! This will definitely test our strength on whose going to be "certified sweet surrender". I can't stop imagining all the lineups of sweet little things with cutey designs. Oh, what joy this will be! Not just for us but also for our sweet tooth!

-Butterfinger: That's right!  You heard it right! A desert expo is on our way, Sweet Surrender! Indulge in a day of sweet treats and delectable munchies as Goodfellas Productions bring in the sugar high this November 13, 2010, Saturday, to be held at Sitio Elena Events Place (Ortigas Extension) 6pm onwards. And there will be an after party 12mn onwards. :)  

The regular price is P1200 pre-selling, or P1500 door charge, inclusive of buffet food, and drinks from Bardeli plus the wide selection of deserts. If you are a blogger and a photographer and want to get an invite for free, you may contact Stephanie So at 0917-518-5188 and thesweetsurrender.gfp@gmail.com. Just blog about it and email your name and link of the blog entry to her. Amazing! 

You can also visit Goodfellas wall in facebook, HERE...  

You may also join Boy Kuripot's contest..

By the way, attire for the event is semi-formal! :)

You wouldn't want to miss this great event! Time to let the cravings be satisfied!