Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wham's Burger for a 1&5th Monthsary treat by Butterfinger and more!

Gummybear: It was my Butterfinger's treat for our 1 & 5th Monthsary. It was actually our last hang out for 2010. Time was indeed fast. I can't put into words how much gratitude I have because of him. Thank you God for making my 2010 a blessed year.

Butterfinger: What better way to say "Au revoir" to 2010 and welcome 2011 than with the ones you love. Keeping things simple and sweet at the same time.

Gummybear: We strolled around holding hands in Mall of Asia. *always makes me flutter* Chat all day and making fun of simple things that caught our attention. We also had the best time to visit since they had their year end sale. I was so excited checking how low the prices were in my favorite shops. They were definitely tempting but I already spent most of my money so I found myself resisting and I aced it.

Butterfinger: I am pretty sure Gummybear held her breath each time we walked pass Maldita, Kamiseta, Terra Nova, ect. I tried to change the subject every time I thought she was ready to barge in and shop. Window shopping Honey, ok? :)

Gummybear: After we roamed around the place, we decided to eat at Wham's Burger. It's his treat. He bought Kapow Burger and I choose the Wham Burger. We were really starved walking around the mall so we ate like there's no tomorrow. I added some french fries (60 php) and they were more sulit than Mc Donald's fries. I remember Butterfinger said that Wham Burger was more affordable than the Jolibee's Champ. :) We were definitely satisfied customers. Actually, it was our second time but we felt it was a first time experience. Thank you Butterfinger for an awesome treat. :)

Gummybear: To have a complete meal I bought him Silvanas in Brownies. I warned him about being a messy dessert. A small bite will give him crumbles all over his face. And indeed it was, He was so cute having those white powder all over his face. I can't help laughing.

Butterfinger: What?! No pictures of the Silvanas? huhuhu.. At least no picture of my face covered with crumbles. So sweet of Gummybear as she laughed. Hehe.. Still, those silvanas were pretty good.

Butterfinger: There's no limit to what Christmas can bring. God has given me the chance to take care and share my life with Gummybear. I am thankful for this year, and as always, I wanted to surprise Gummybear.

Gummybear: It's time to go home. But before that, we had our exchange gifts first. I gave him the shorts which I bought in Bulacan Sale that he already knew. :) Eventhough, he knew about it, he can't stop jumping around because of the gift. Then, it was his turn. He gave me first gifts from Oller Family and Nanay Linda. I got teary eyed because I never thought Oller Family will give me gifts especially Nanay Linda. I was speechless. Then, Butterfinger gave me his gift which I already knew, its the jacket that he bought in Bulacan Sale. But I never expected that there's more than that. Inside the jacket there's this cute tee shirt that had a Butterfinger logo in front of it. I hugged him so tight and got tears. Isn't he amazing?

Gummybear: Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

Butterfinger & Gummybear
Butterfinger: I am very sorry for the super late post, Gummybear. I love you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Simbang Gabi @ St. Jude ---> BGC: Mile Hi Diner Treat for our Advanced Monthsary

Gummybear: It's already my 6th year of Simbang Gabi which started when I was in 4th year high school. It became a homage to my faith to complete the novena because, apart from the wish that could be granted (beliefs) it's my one way of showing gratitude to all the blessings I've got every year.

Butterfinger: Yes, I do get up at 3am in the mornings too, but this is so worth it because of the spiritual and emotional preparation the "Simbang Gabi" brings. Not only a time to reflect but also a time to remember for whom Christmas is all about. 

Gummybear: Since, the second to the last Simbang Gabi fell on Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 which is our St. Jude Day, we decided to have our Simbang Gabi at St. Jude. We had a great time during mass because of the energetic priest. I forgot the name, I'm not sure if I heard right, he's the parish priest of St. Jude Catholic School. Anyway, his lively homily keep us from falling asleep and before the mass ended he told us to stand up and sway together with raising of hands as the Christmas song of Christian Bautista was playing. Great way to start our day!
Gummybear: After that fun mass, we went straight to my monthsary treat at The Fort. Since, we're too early we decided to have our first photowalk having both babies on the side. :) We got awe-strucked by this wonderful steel tree standing in the middle of Burgos Circle.

Butterfinger: Yeah, and by babies we mean our cute cameras, hehe.. They say you have to walk through an area before you can say that you've been there, and the Fort has lots to offer, namely Burgos Circle. Gummybear said it right that we were awe-strucked by the great harmony of steel and organic. The best part for me was the slow sunrise while we took pictures while there was a cool breeze blowing.

Photowalk is fun!

Gummybear: We also tried the electric tricycle, 5 pesos for a tour around Bonifacio Global City. Sulit! Their last stop was near Market Market.

Butterfinger: The Eco-Tricycles were definitely a must ride here at the Fort. Only 5.00Php for the whole trip which goes around from Burgos Circle to a place near Market Market. In fact, Gummybear and I jumped on without thinking where we will end up, thank goodness the driver was kind enough to assure us that we'll be going to Market Market. If only more places incorporated this kind of public transportation. 

Butterfinger had fun all throughout the ride

Cool ride!

Never missed to take this photo. :)
Butterfinger: And now, on to the best part yet, Gummybear's surprise! What better way to top off a great photowalk around the Fort than to eat Burrito's and Burgers! Weee! Mile Hi Diner is the place to be when you are craving for healthy portions of your favorite burgers and burritos. With just a budget of about 250Php, kudos to we got a good deal of 500 worth of food which was already a full meal. We also recommend the fries that comes with most of their dishes, they are delicious! We will surely return for more! Another thing noted was their diner themed decorations. It was all in place, even the music taken from an era were "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis ruled the radio air waves.

Butterfinger: Our plates clean, our hungers fulfilled to the last bite, we surely will return to this great great place, that offers more than the usual malling experience. The Fort Global city is definitely a place where you can find great food, good sights and views, and a window peek to urbanization and modernization of our cities. More places to visit here, so we will continue to discover the offerings of this great city. Just goes to show how much we are blessed to be able to experience life and all its wonders.

Butterfinger & Gummybear

Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Garment Warehouse Sale in Meycuayan, Bulacan

Gummybear: Christmas is not complete without bombardment of SALES, DISCOUNTS, PROMOS etc. It is definitely worth a year of saving. Lots of eye popping low prices for apparrels, appliances and etc which you can't help buying even though some are not needed. This is our Confessions of a near-Shopaholic.

Butterfinger: Well, as for myself, I tend to pass off on sales and discounts. Call it a guy thing, or whatever you want. I go into a store that I already planned to go to, I look for the stuff I need, on sale or not I go to the cashier and pay. Pretty much straight forward. So hearing about this one didn't excite me, or so I thought... One plus though was the fact that Sir Anton of OAP blogged about it.

Gummybear: I saw the ad  on the Internet that the Big Garment Warehouse in Meycuayan, Bulacan is on sale, it became popular because of Mr. Anton from who gave good feedback from this place.

Gummybear: We actually had doubts going there because 1.) It's definitely far. 2.) We don't have that much money, but we thought that this is something we shouldn't miss.

Butterfinger: There truly were points of arguments between Gummybear and I. Yes, it was a great deal on paper, but would the distance and trouble be worth it? Told ya sales didn't fancy for my tastes, even more so without much money to spare. But in the end, Gummybear's infinitely powerful charm persuaded me into going to the sale. The commute wasn't as hard as I imagined it to be, and this is coming from someone who would rather take a car than become human sardines on the LRT.

Gummybear: We went there via commute because it was more cost efficient than bringing a car. Another adventure awaits. Actually, it wasn't difficult to commute. We went first to Monumento via LRT, from there a 10-min walk to 7-11, where the jeep terminal to Sto. Nino waits. We told the jeepney driver to drop us on Sterling Compound. It's around 30 - 40 minutes travel time. Thank God that we arrived safe. From the Sterling Compound gate we asked the security guard where we could find the Star Trends Big Garment Sale. He pointed us to this BIG GREEN GATE and then we saw a huge number of cars parked around. By that moment, we now know that this is the place.

Gummybear: Once we went inside, we first, applied for membership. It was a requirement before we could do shopping spree. Don't worry, its FREE. Ms. Divine, the one who's in-charge gave us two membership cards. (PICTURE)

Gummybear: We had the Harry Potter look when he first arrived at Hogwarts. We were  amazed at how big the place was and didn't know where to start. We saw a lot of people looking and turning pile of clothes in search of a GEM. I saw a girl hurriedly get this cute shirt saying, "Baka maunahan pa!" Definitely, this is SOMETHING we shouldn't miss. Low Low prices! A lot of branded apparels for the men and ladies. They also had a huge selection for kids. We were so lucky that we went there on their first opening so we had the chance to find some great stuff. Mango, Zara, Polo, Emporio Armani, Gap, Levis and a lot more. Some of them were not known but definitely high quality. 

Butterfinger: Wow! just Wow! I imagined it to be a little, lets say, minor. But warehouse sale it truly is. And just the sight of the number of people would seem to bring truth to the ads on the net. Just look at how people shop, by the boxes!

Gummybear: Butterfinger also saw a lot of great finds. Loving the sale? :) We just picked all the clothes that we liked as we roamed around the place and then sorted it out according to our budget. Aside from the clothes, Butterfinger also enjoyed the boxes people dragged around what he called "alaga" it's the basket that has a tie so it was not hard to carry you'll just drag it. 

Butterfinger: The sale was bigger than I originally thought. The environment, the people, the prices, all were simply screaming "buy now!". As it is, I couldn't resist snooping around for possible buys. Yes, I admit, I enjoyed plowing through countless clothes just to find my size. One of the few moments I literally dove in the pile of clothes. 

Gummybear: They also gave us FREE LUNCH and UNLIMITED SOFTDRINKS! Cool right? Definitely, this is the Great Bulacan Sale!

Butterfinger: Great sale/event all in all. Heck, they even treated everyone with a free lunch and softdrinks to boot. I ended up buying about 2000Php worth of clothes. A lot of polo shirts, t-shirts, a jacket for Gummybear and more. Big Garment sale indeed, just wished we came earlier, the big sized pants were gone by noon!

Gummybear: I bought 1 pants, 2 tops, 1 polo shoes, 1 men's shorts (as a gift for him) for 1500 Butterfinger bought 3 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 jacket (as a gift to me) for 2500. Looking forward for next bargain sale. 

Butterfinger & Gummybear

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Butterfinger's Revenge Surprises for our 1 and 4th Monthsary

Gummybear: I'm still overwhelmed with his surprises. Butterflies were definitely abundant in my stomach that day. Let me try to detail what happened...
Butterfinger: Well, just take a look here on what inspired this one.. hehe.. I just love how her own surprises for me make her giggle. 

Gummybear: Since this was a secret, I was under his spell. :) I trust him to lead in his own way but I can't help to feel jumpy. He arrived at my house around 2:30pm. He told me yesterday that we should arrived at the surprise at exactly 2pm. Turned out that it wasn't totally his day because of the heavy traffic on the way here. Nevertheless, he came back in a good mood since this was a revenge day for my surprise two weeks ago. I noticed that he was carrying a Filbar's plastic bag. A little bit odd but I ignored it. Then, he showed me the November issue of Top Gear Philippines. I had the feeling that it had something to do with my surprise for his birthday. He told me something about try to scan the pages. I actually forgot the reason why. Anyway, as I scanned it I saw this part...

Look it's my Butterfinger!
 ...I was awestruck and wanted to squeeze him so tight but I couldn't because my Dad was sitting ride beside us. Hehe! I even touch the paper to check if it was true. I even thought that maybe he just pasted it in there and made it look that its real. But it was definitely authentic. I was teary eyed and moved for his first surprise. Take note, FIRST SURPRISE.

He sent a letter to Top Gear Philippines Magazine about my birthday surprise for him. The editor got wowed and replied to him..
"Before proceeding we just want to say we're publishing your letter not because you heaped fantastic praises upon us at the beginning of your e-mail. Okay, sure, it helped. But we honestly enjoyed your story. You're one lucky bastard for having a girlfriend as sweet and creative as Rannessa. We'd give anything to find a girl who'd do the same for us. She's a keeper."
Gummybear: One word. Lucky. Which guy will do something like that, huh? To think that the story will be read nationwide. I'm one of the luckiest girl ever! Agree?!

Alright, the Second surprise:
(Butterfinger: This one was a long time in the making..hihi.. Now we can finally text each other without worrying about inbox limit!)

Gummybear: He gave me his spare phone! It was because my phone was near memory overload. Ever since, his texts were limited and has been calling me instead. I know,I needed to erase the messages to have space but since we became a couple I hesitated to erase them. I'm quite sentimental about those things. :) I hurriedly hugged him so tight after he gave me the phone. I'm so high in love. :)

                                                  Third surprise:

Gummybear: So, the place that he kept from me was Resortworld Manila in New Port City, Pasay. I got a hint already to where was the remaining surprises. Last time, my sister went there and watched Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 and I told Butterfinger about their amazing experience. Butterfinger got an idea there. I was actually right about it. But there was other surprises hidden, I didn't foresee watching a parade in front Resortworld Manila. The Grand Fiesta Parade, his THIRD SURPRISE.That's why he asked me to bring our baby Nikon D90 because of the great event. From that day up to now, I still haven't grasped that these things happened to me. I was excited and ecstatic to capture moments from the parade in where colorful costumes lined along the streets. It was a tribute to all cultures and traditions during fiesta in the Philippines. Butterfinger didn't know that it was going to be that big. Half of the audience were International diplomats. Nifty! We got there early so we had great sits where we could see the main stage. I was all blissful and ecstatic that day. He did got me with those surprises. And there's still more..
Butterfinger: I didn't know that the parade would be that "big". Figured it would be a nice little addition but turned into an exciting event all on its own. Good Thing we came to the bleachers early, because by the time the parade started they were packed!

Gummybear: As I have mentioned above, about the movie being his FOURTH surprise. He chose the 2D version, worth P220 each. While waiting for the 7:50pm movie sched. We ate at Stacker's Burger Cafe, just in front of the movie ticket counter. We were surprised that they were more affordable than we had expected. We ordered the ones with large buns, a 6 inch Crunchy Burger (P165) and 7 inch Philly Steak Burger (150). For the side dish, we tried the Zesty Lime flavored Chips (P45) and a Rootbeer Float (45). All for just P409. We were stuffed and so satisfied with the servings. No if and buts that it was an exceptional food experience. We'll definitely visit again and try the other Stacker's Premium Burgers.  

Gummybear: We then proceeded to Cinema 3 and were amazed with the interiors. The seats were very comfortable and it can recline little for more comfyness. The movie was not as bad as everyone said. We both didn't have the chance to read the last book yet but we enjoyed the movie and the story itself. We both agree to some extent that the ending was hanging since this was just Part 1. I'm sure that Part 2 will have more thrilling and exciting scenes. :)

Butterfinger: The best part about the seats were the flippable hand rests, which can turn a one seater to a cozy couple's chair. That we like!

Last Surprise:
Gummybear: This one didn't go as planned.His last surprise was a lunch buffet at Mercado, near the casino area in Resortworld Manila. He thought we could both avail of the promo Php188++ for a lunch buffet, but that promo was for new members. He has already a membership card so we didn't pursue it. Anyway, no worries Butterfinger, you've done a lot, A LOT for our 1 & 4. :)

Butterfinger: Well, not everything went on as planned, but as it turned out, it was for the best. Got hold of one of the best burgers in town! 

Gummybear: We just spent the free 100 credits of my card on those arcade look alike slots. The biggest win that I got was P20. I'm no player for this kind of entertainment. Thank God. :)

Gummybear: Butterfinger, thank you so much for these undeniably amazing surprises. You always make my every minute worth living. I think the only thing I should ask God is "Can I be with him forever?"

Love you always, Butterfinger!
Happy 1 & 4th Monthsary

Butterfinger: It is always in my deepest honor and pleasure to make you smile Honey, and I pray to God that this path that we have taken will always give us the greatest blessing of being in each others company. Love you too GummyBear!

Butterfinger & Gummybear