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Gummybear's Birthday @ Mind Museum and Vikings Buffet

"MAY 1, 2012"

Butterfinger: It took awhile, but now, the planets have aligned and I was able to be with the one I LOVE the most on her special day. Yup! You heard that right. I have never been able to be with Gummybear on her birthday, year after year. Sad, but regrettably true. As we've been through a lot, there were many things that transpired through the years that became the reason why I could not attend. Believe me it was a great sacrifice from both of us, and I think most especially for Gummybear. Gummybear. 

But as they say, good things come to those who wait. The time has come to honor and give great thanks to the one who showed me how beautiful life is.


Gummybear: This was one of the best birthdays I ever had! A lot of reasons to tell but one of them was  Butterfinger being here. Since it will be his first time celebrating my birthday, he made sure that it will not be an ordinary day. I was indeed pampered! :)

He started with a tribute video which he posted early in the morning. No one ever made me a tribute video, not that I demanded anyone to, but its something that tells you, you're special. In addition to that, it was made by a special person in my life. But this was just the starter.

He already told me that we were going somewhere, but it would be a surprise. It tickled my adventure rash. I love surprises. I love guessing what is in-store. He picked me up at around 9am. When we were already on the road, he asked me to cover my eyes using his hankie. What? Seriously?! Excitement is on! However, I was kinda bothered by what might people might think of me blind folded inside his car. Hmm.

Butterfinger: I was hesitant to do the blind fold thing at first, but then I just thought that it would turn out as a good laugh, and in old Gummybear fashion, it did! hahaha... She was talking, trying to be all knowing about the "feel of the road" and everything. :D

Gummybear: Anyway, I somehow managed to know where we heading for. I told him that I felt we didn't hit the expressway. Therefore, we headed on the road to The Fort, Bonifacio City. Still was not sure where in The Fort though.

Then, the car suddenly stopped. He told me to remove the blind fold. And there it was, one of my most wished for places to visit. The Mind Museum! I'm a huge fan of the place even before it was built. When I heard that there will be a cool museum be built in The Fort, I tried to update myself about the status of the place till they became open to the public last March.

Butterfinger: There were 2 ticket options available. You could opt for the one that costs 600 Php, which gives you 3 hours in total to discover everything you can, after which you have to leave because the next group will be coming in. The Mind Museum theme song would play at the end of your 3 hours to inform you that your time is up.  Also, there is a designated time slot for each group, meaning that the 3 hours will start at a pre-determined time. The earliest is 9:00AM - 12:00PM, the next group slot is on 12:00PM - 3:00PM, and so on. I believe, although I am not that sure, that they limit the number of people per time slot by a maximum of 50 or so people. This system is for the museum not to get crowded and to make sure everyone enjoys that interactive exhibits.

The other one costs 750 Php, this is what they call the "All Day Pass" which entitles you to an unlimited time inside the museum. That means you decide when to go, explore all you want!  I personally would suggest buying in advance, just to be sure you won't get surprised that there are no tickets on site.

Also, take note that there are free shows inside the museum. These shows include:

  • Planetarium
  • 3D Video Screening

These have their own designated show times and they each have their own "slot number card". This means that you have to have a "slot number card" to be able to enter the show, they hand these number cards out after you enter the museum. Grab one immediately, as these go out fast. Not everyone who entered will have a number card. BUMMER indeed. We learned this the hard way.

I tried to acquire the 750 Php tickets but sadly they were already sold out. (By the way, you can buy your tickets online and in advance HERE).

GummyBear: The entrance fee kinda costed us an arm and a leg. Geez, it was a sigh. Being positive. I'm still psyched because I'll be stepping inside The Mind Museum. Put the thinking caps on.

We availed the 600 php, our scheduled time was 12nn - 3pm. So we decided that we still got time to roam around Serendra. We went around, and bought one of the Krispy Kreme Baked Creations. I bought the Cinnamon Pull Apart while Butterfinger had Chocolate Chip Kruffin. We loved the Cinnamon Pull Apart. The creamy filling with a cinnamon taste and soft texture bread made it a stand out.

Afterwards, went to Happy Lemon. It was my first time to try their rock salt drinks selection. Butterfinger's treat. He urged me to try Rock Salt and Cheese. So, I chose Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese while Butterfinger had Cocoa Pudding. Verdict? The salty taste blend was okay. Good try however not really my kind of taste. Still, I'll be trying some selection probably didn't pass my first taste. :)

Butterfinger: Are you sure Gummybear?! Rock Salt and Cheese was like heaven for me. The contrasting saltiness and sweetness was great. Even the foam itself was good enough for me. The Pudding however, was not that good. I didn't enjoy it. Good thing you didn't like yours, more for me!

Gummybear: After waiting and walking aroung, finally, off to the Mind Museum! Definitely excited and wondering what discovery we might explore. To start off, we were ushered by the Mind Movers to Aedi an interactive robot who pointed out the policy of the museum. Cool!

We were like kids, eyes wide open, don't know where to start. I indeed loved this birthday gift! Thank you Butterfinger! I want to post all of it but its just too many to mention all of them. I'll just post my favorite sections of the museum.

*These are only part of a great whole experience. You should see these face to face! It'll definitely bring out the child in you!

The Story Of Technology
  • Old School Video Games - I love vintage and miss playing Pac-Man. Such fond memories.

  •  Xray Upclose - Never had the experience to check what's inside your bag in an xray point of view. 
  • Toilet trivia - Already know why crap is called "crap" 

  • Video Time Capsule - Funny how it started. Due to my curiosity, I pressed the button on the screen. Never realized that it will proceed to recording a video. So, as a result, I was captured with a surprised "I don't know what's happening" face. We then just rerecord a video with a ready face and concise words. :)

  • Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press - very interactive technology that we printed our own. Unfortunately, we forgot to keep the paper. :(

The Story Of The Universe
  • 9 Cycles of Moon - I love how they made it more interactive in which you'll just press the button that corresponds to which cycle you wanted to see. 

 The Story Of The Earth
  • Tornado in your face - We did enjoy this Tornado Maker. National Geographic in your face. Amazing how it showed how tornadoes are formed.

  •  Life-size replica of T-Rex - Cool! Imagine if its alive. Scary! 

The Story Of Life
  •  Guess which animal? - I'm not a fan of this kind of game. Its scary because you don't have a clue what you're touching.
  The Story Of The Atom
  •  Big Periodic Table - Its amazing how they include examples per element. Of course the harmful elements weren't there, still you'll be wowed. 

  • Hair-raising static ball - I suddenly have my hair styled mohawk. I also remembered when I brushed my hair several times using a plastic comb, it also rise.

Gummybear: There were a lot of things to discover in the museum, our allotted 3 hours stay wasn't  helpful. I really recommend to purchase the 750 php pass to make most of it. And be sure to reserve in advance so that slots will be available. 

I really enjoyed visiting The Mind Museum. Spectacular displays and interactive models that let you experience science.  I became more aware of how science played a significant role in our daily lives. I'm not sure what we're going to do, without science. Thank you Butterfinger for this awesome gift! I love it! I LOVE YOU!

Gummybear: My birthday adventure was not yet finished because next up. Viking's Buffet @ Seaside Blvd.! We availed the birthday promo in which the celebrant has an opportunity to dine for FREE! Yes, for FREEEE! Of course, there's a catch, you need to bring at least ONE FULL PAYING ADULT. That's okay its lonely to eat in a buffet alone right?!

Butterfinger: Buffet time! Weee!! We've been meaning to eat here for the longest time. I'm sure most people had already dined here a couple of times already. Seeing all those photos with the Viking's Buffer sign  outside made us more exited to eat here. It seemed  like everyone in facebook had one. So, without further adieu, our take!

Gummybear: We arrived there around 4pm. Too early for the dinner schedule which was 5:30pm. We decided to stroll a bit at the bay side. We fooled around doing some angle shots and did a little dance number to match the  music in the background. Fun times! One of the highlights that day.

Butterfinger: Nothing compares to spending the day with the one you love. It was especially fun goofing around and simply enjoying each other's company. It's times like these that makes every bit of effort worthwhile. Speaking of time, I think they're opening the doors! Hurry Gummybear!

Getting to the door, we were surprised by the mass of people already outside the restaurant! I mean, you have to see it to believe it. Do you remember how each person was called during graduation? The announcer for the reservations was actually doing the same thing while ushering the people in. Hahaha... I could even hear the graduation march theme song while she called us one by one, and I felt the same way as when I got my diploma as she called our names, euphoria!!

Gummybear: When  it was already time for the dinner, we were ushered to our reserved table and we were so eager to start our ultimate food challenge. I tried to capture pictures of each plate I had, however, in the midst of our food battle, I became too tired. Tired of eating. Haha! I was definitely starting to feel full. I loved the atmosphere. The place really helps me digest the food. The unlimited drinks and beer really wowed me. Yes, BEER! We tried to filled half of our mugs with beer just to be a Viking for one night. The selection of foods were impressive. From all kinds of beef, roast turkey, dimsum, sushis, salads, entrees, fresh grilled seafoods, pasta, deserts and  too many  more to mention.

Butterfinger:  The food was great! Even the service was one of the best we had. Believe me when I tell you that they almost have every cuisine covered. Anyone who has a picky appetite will surely find their own corner here. They even have fish ball! Roast beef to sushi, to pasta, to dim-sum. We'll definitely come back, maybe on my birthday, who doesn't want to eat free? :D

All throughout the feast, Gummybear gave me suspicious looks. She told me that she felt something was coming up, and was trying to figure out what. I tried to look innocent, but to tell you the truth, I had to have the celebratory singing of "Happy Birthday". I mean, how can I not make this happen?! Hahaha... 1.. 2... 3... Hey everyone! It's Gummybear's Birthday! Tantanan tan tan!!

"MAY 1, 2012"

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