Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Korean Foodtrip: Min Sok Restaurant

It was a great day for us because we're celebrating our 11th Monthsary. I prepared a surprise for him. It was a long time ago since I saw this interesting restaurant. "Word of mouth" power. It's Min Sok Restaurant. Those great reviews I saw about this place was really impressive and I'm curious. I also wanted to bring Butterfinger to this mystical place and it will be our first korean experience. 

Hey, you really pulled a fast one on me that day! I was not expecting this kind of surprise, one of the best experience I had in a restaurant. 

He was really surprised. ehehe! Sinong lagot?
 First, we were greeted by the owner. He was really nice although we can't really understand thoroughly his English. Who cares?! it's like where in Korea. right Butterfinger? hehe. The ambience of the place was so Korean. It's very comfy! 

Well, for one, the owner was really enthusiastic about customers that's for sure, hehehe... As GummyBear said, the atmosphere was like being in one of those Koreanovelas thats storming our primetime selection of shows. With simplicity comes pure emotion, and that was my first impression of the place, simple but was purely a Korean experience. And now, my favorite part of going to a restaurant, the FOOD!

Soo, daming condiments na super sarap!
We REALLY tried them all! Not even the infamous Kimchi was a match
for our hungry palates..
 We ordered the 2 'famous' Samgyupsal and it's actually my treat but my Butterfinger really enjoyed my surprise he added 1 Bibimbap. He really wanted to experience the authentic korean Bibimbap. He also wanted to add, I forgot the name of the soup but he asked Ate (the one whose assisting us if we ordered that much already, she said "mdyo" hehe) Since it's our first time we decided that it is already enough. :)

That "Ate" was right! There were already enough food to feed 3 people, but to us, especially me, just right! The Bibimbap was the best! Creamy flavors of the vegetables then the beef hits you with a great taste, with its smokiness. We also liked trying out the many assorted "garnishes" if you want to call them that. We were like kids in a candy store, sampling every last bit of candy.

She's really nice!
Yeah, she even gave us extra lettuce, or was it cabbage?

How was it Butterfinger? *yabang face*
I was awe spired, hmmmm, babawi ako!
We did the Korean way of eating based on what we saw in Koreanovelas in which they talked while they stucked the food in one side of their mouth. Haha! Love the experience! And I'm really happy that my Butterfinger enjoyed my surprise. :)

I really don't know how to use chopticks. Tapos steel pa ang gamit dito.
Aba, I, on the other hand, is a veteran Japanese food connoisseur, using chop sticks was like
walking to me!
 Anyways, if you also have problems with it, you can use the long spoon. I'm starting to like the long spoon. I should suggest it in our house. Hehe!

Plus 1 on the long spoon! It gives you an edge while eating!

Oh! we love kimchi. :)
Pati condiments naubos namin.
Overall, the Samgyupsal and authentic Bibimbap is the best! don't forget the condiments. Now we know, why this place is such a fuzz. We definitely love to come back and try other food. :) We spent almost 700+ for two and we're already full. :)  Yes, 700+ for a bountiful meal fit for lovers of food like us. Hopefully we can go back and sample the rest of the menu. When will we go back GummyBear? Can We? Can We? Can We?  hihihihi...

HAPPY HAPPY 11th Monthsary! 

-GummyBear and Butterfinger-

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