Saturday, March 27, 2010

Italian Foodtrip: Gotti's Restaurant

It was our 7th Monthsary and I wanted to surprise him. :)
I found this wonderful restaurant and read a great review of it.
Since we love Italian cuisine, I think this restaurant would be a great choice.

And it was! Grabe, I can't begin to tell you guys what a great experience Gotti's is.
Another great great surprise from GummyBear. ^_^

Before we went there, I already called the place and asked what were their
bestsellers so that I will have an idea what to suggest to my Butterfinger.
I think the person who answered was Chris. I asked a favor to have this
a little setup. I had a card that I wanted to give him with a twist. I wanted
that the card be given together with our order. The
problem was I didn't know how will I give it to the waiter if Butterfinger is right there
beside me. So, this guy Chris suggested that I'll drop to the counter for
kunyari I have to change an order or ask a question, then give the letter. I thought it was a great idea.

Butterfinger really didn't have any idea about my surprise. When we got to
Megamall, another slight problem was that I know that the restaurant was in The Atrium
but I didn't know how to get to the Atrium.
hay.. So, we went to this directions kiosk but I told him
to stay a couple of inches away from me so that he'll not see what I was looking at.
And asked in a commander voice "wag kang titingin."

Hahaha.. I was already a bit skeptical about finding the place inside Megamall,
knowing my GummyBear(someone not very good with directions, just
like my Mom!). And low and behold, 10mins inside the mall, we went
directly to the information board, hehehe... I love it when she's confused and
she's soo cute when she tries to save face. I LOVE YOU HONEY!

When we got to Atrium 3rd flr,
there were some restaurants there aside from Gotti's.
Then, I asked Butterfingerwhich one of those restaurants will I treat him?
He said the shabu-shabu one. I smiled then I just
walked towards Gotti's then. tantaranan! :)


He got blissful and all. I saw him got teary-eyed and pouted at me all throughout the day while saying "Lagot ka tlga!"

Still pouting about it... hmph! I knew it was Gotti's! I swear!
Then we ordered half The Godfather and half Parmigianni Cheese Pizza, pumpkin soup
(because he once told me that he likes pumpkin soup), frutti de mare pasta BUT
that was all he knew that time. After we settled that order, I told him
I forgot to order something then I went to the counter and ordered Tarfuro together
with the card *giving it to him* I told the waiter that
after we ate the main dish that's the time that he'll give the last order.
I know Butterfinger already know there's something
fishy but don't have an idea what it is. He really made fuzz about it.
(I can't forget his face..haha! soo cute!)

Judging from the food we ordered, yup, the Gotti's restaurant revolves around
the concept of the New York style service of pasta, even introducing
a mafia themed menu. Love it! The food was really good, passing for me as an
authentic Italian restaurant. The Pumpkin Soup was really creamy, but still nothing
beats what Mom makes! The pizza was thin crusted but as GummyBear said,
you could pay half the price of the pizza to get half of that pizza, then add another
half for also half the price.

First to serve is the pumpkin soup, So creamy! Love the half The Godfather and
half Mi Quattro Cheese pizza.
I love the cheesy pizza. It has this bitter taste. (chessy tlga! like us! wahaha!) Love it.
Actually, kaya lang we choose The Godfather it's because
it has a lot of toppings. But nonetheless, it has this mixture of veggies in your mouth.
It tastes good.
Then the Frutti de Mare. I love it soo much! The mixture of tahong and the taste of
seafood condiments make the pasta indulging. It was actually my first time to eat
that kind of pasta since I have an allergy with shrimps but who cares. haha! so stubborn.
Love it!

His favorite Pumpkin Soup!

Half Godfather and Half Mi Quattro Cheese Pizza. Missin 2 slices already.
Frutti de Mare. The best!
Then, the highlight of that day was the dessert. Tarfuro! Oh Tarfuro! such a sweet
ice cream. It has a berry in the inside. It was served with a letter from me. (hehe!)
He was really astonished. It is just a simple card that I personalized from a
pre-made theme. He got teary-eyed. I will never ever forget that face. :)

Oh Tarfuro indeed! one of the best ice creams I ever had! The surprise was not the
cherry inside, but the loving card that came with the ice cream... T_T I was teary-eyed
GummyBear prepared the card for me, and as we gave told each other ever since,
the SIMPLE THINGS MATTER. Thank You Honey!

Overall, the food was great. Definitely a good try for us. Well, the damage part was it cost
around 900+. Not bad at all for a great dining experience and a genius surprise from moi. :) Sinong lagot ngayon?(yabang face)

I agree, if your looking for a not the usual Italiannis, go for Gotti's for a New York style
dining experience. And GummyBear, you know I'll get you back! ^_-
-GummyBear & Butterfinger-


juanderfulpinoy said...

ang sarap ng food, inggit ako...

Gummybear said...

That's right! Yummy food equals to big tummy. :) - Gummybear and Butterfinger

Joyce said...

awww..this is so sweet! <3 nice blog about gotti's! now I'm thinking of a surprise for boyf tuloy because of this! hahah =) Thanks gummybear and butterfinger! you two are so cute!

Rannessa Rejano said...

Thanks! We really love that place and it made even more memorable because of course spending it with someone you LOVE the most. Hehe! Actually we're both fan of Italian foods. -Gummybear and Butterfinger.

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