Monday, August 30, 2010

Musical Trip: Cats Now and Forever

Every since Musicals were being played here in Manila. I always sigh
and let my hopeless heart go on and on. But, last Friday, August
20, 2010. A dream has come true. This is it. I got the chance
to watch the second largest musical running, CATS!

One person that I want to THANK WITH ALL MY LIFE
for making it happen. Paulo Gregor Esquejo Oller.
You are an angel and I'm the luckiest person in the whole
galaxy! isama mo pa world of unknown. :) As in lagot
ka talaga! I really don't know how to thank you. This isn't just
a musical play for me but the whole package and BEING WITH YOU
made this night unforgettable. :)

He was supposed to fetch me but because of the stressful traffic

in service road. Butterfinger (Pau) called me telling about the traffic
and we decided to meet up nalang. The stress didn't overpower the
excitement he felt. I can see in his face, with the yabang face he's
showing, na-ah! He's not stress at all. I didn't know where weere heading at.
I tried different strategies to convince him. Pa-awa effect = nothing,
the Puss in boots moment (shrek movie) = nothing, tampu-tampuhan = nothing,
trying to make a deal = nothing, nothing, nothing.

Oh, traffic, traffic traffic traffic, not today, hehehe... That afternoon, I was
already focused on the task, to make one of my GummyBear's dreams come true.
I even had my mantra, by 3pm I'll already be showering, by 4pm I'll be out the house,
by 4:30pm I'll be near Rane's(GummyBear) house, etc, you get me. But guess what?
Traffic was the first one to welcome me near service road.
Well, I'll admit, I was a little mad about the situation, but one phone call, well,
several phone calls, and one person, Rane, put me back in focus.
It worked two ways, I'm back to focus and in a great "yabang" mood, and
I was determined to keep this a "big surprise".

I just sat there, heart pounding, really felt dizzy already thinking
what that is. Then, he asked me to close my eyes when we passed Magallanes
already. You know the feeling of being on stage with a lot of people watching? Well, worst than that.

stopped. My heart, oh my heart, daig pa heartbeat ng infant. Then,
he said "You may open your eyes". I tried to orient myself first where
we were. Head turning right and left and it takes me a minute to really
know where we are. Then he said "Minsan ang hinahanap mo, ay nasa harapan
mo lang" Then, I looked in front of me and saw tickets of Cats. I cried. really cried.
I hugged him so tight and cried again. My words were just repeating,
we're going to watch CATS? (hundred times) Astounding moment for me. hay,.

The ride to CCP Complex was really, funny! hehehe... She would not stop talking!
She was like interrogating me, to a point, she already was being personal about
me keeping this thing a secret, and you know what, I enjoyed her talking so much. She made
so many assumptions, and at one time she tried to predict on which road we were.
She said, "Ayan, oh, nararamdaman kong naakyat na tayo, ayan, pababa na."
I was laughing so hard, because in reality, we were stuck in traffic. ^_^
But when the moment finally came to reveal the big secret, I was as nervous as
she was. When I saw GummyBear's face at the time she saw the tickets, every single
hardship to get those tickets just went away, everything was worth it, everything for
her, for a dream she had, finally, it came true.

We treasured every minute of it. We took pictures and really
pause every moment to feel the experience.

Lights off, Then the stage just glowed! With all those creative design.
There's this picture of a big lion in the stage floor. Definitely,
you might call it Cat's Crib. They started to make this marvelous
intro a combination of dancing and singing.That's were musicals
are all about. :) which I love dearly. Butterfinger and I were tapping
our shoes following the rhythm. We admit that we can't really follow
the story much. Reading first might be a great idea. ;)

The stage really stood out, with the lights dimming out, the stage suddenly lit up with
different colorful lights. It was like Christmas in August! It was a first for me and GummyBear,
the feeling was just awsome. Jellicle Cats!

Beautiful stage!
Thank you!
We got really excited when a cast from cats appeared in the balcony.
We're just lucky that we're seated in the aisle side so we're that 
inches away to this CAT MAN. We really love the character of Rum Tum Tugger Cat,
Bustopher Jones (The Fatty Cat), and Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer (the Duo Cats.)
Another thing that excited us was when
Lea Salonga portraying Grizabella sung a part of Memory. Enthralling performance. I really love
Lea Salonga. She's great! Don't forget the expressions with the help of
50 pesos binoculars. You're like in the 7000+ seat. Breathtaking.

The BIG BUT, was the annoying heads of the people in front of us.
They should lean back in their chair for the people at their back can't
see. Butterfinger made an effort to go down in the steep stairs just
to tell them that they should lean back. Still, it didn't ruined my
dream. I still got the chance to watch it live. :)

There was a really colorful cast, every cat really brings something unique.
Rum Tum Tugger Cat was one of my favorite cats, he was the Rocker Cat,
really good songs and dances, you'll be on your feet if it was not for the
seating problem. The seats were so so, and the people just keep leaning forward,
but I was determined not to let anything ruin our night. As the night went on, people
learned that leaning forward meant a tap on the back from me.
But it was all worth the trouble, with the show really picking up pace.
Lea Salonga was the best on stage, singing wise, very proud, and very
emotional part of the show, even  the tagalog singing cat was great!

During 20 minutes break, the CAT MAN showed up again in our balcony.
We got to take his picture upclose.:) Second set starts, the unforgettable
acts were Mr. Mistoffelees (the Magical Cat),
then this one cat who sung "Moment of Happiness" in Tagalog with the tune of Memory.
Love it! We also love the improvised train. Soo, creative. :) The big
part when Lea Salonga sung the complete song of Memory. Wow tlga! She
sung it with great diction. You'll definitely understand every
word. It's really hard to sing like that. I can tell. :) They end it with
a beautiful group song. Hay, we miss it already. :(

Souvenirs is so expensive. 800 for that small teddy bear?!
Overall, one great experience and definitely try to watch it for once
in your life. or maybe twice. :) Beyond great what actors and actresses
did there. World class acts. As Filipinos, we are so proud of
you Lea Salonga.:) The soundtrack was so amazing it did more
because of the great sound system in CCP. Very Jellicle. :)

Yes! A successful surprise once again, for a very special woman in my life.
Truly a magical experience! With songs that will make you sing and dace
steps that will make you go on your feet and go Jellicle yourself!
After everything, it was a night for my GummyBear, for our great great relationship,
a night to celebrate how our relationship is, full of songs about sadness, joy,
hardships, and simply enjoying life.

PS: I've read somewhere that they're planning to bring Phantom of the
Opera here (the largest running musical show) because of the success of
Cats in 2011. Cats should have end last
August 15 but got extended to August 22 because of the demand. To the
people whose behind of bringing CATS here, Thank you for making our
first anniversary memorable. :)

And we got a chance to meet former President Fidel Ramos. Such a sweet, nice man. 
He let the people without hesitation take pictures with him.

Mr. FVR likes my hat! hehehe... A man who was president likes my hat.. hehehe
Very very nice man, really approachable and kudos to his staff too!

Wee! Love this one!

Happy Anniversary Butterfinger!
Happy Anniversary GummyBear!

-GummyBear & Butterfinger-

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