Thursday, September 2, 2010

A GummyBear's Treat

It's September once again, yes, for many of us, the "Ber" months mean Christmas is just around the corner. But before we celebrate Christmas early, or my upcoming birthday for that matter, a special day took place last August 27, 2010.

It was our very 1st anniversary!

Well, for those who follow us here, you all know that last August 20, 2010, I gave the first blow kick start our 1st anniversary, and it was an amazing. Who knew that night would just be the start of a great anniversary celebration.

It started with me going to GummyBear's house to pick her up. She told me that I needed to be there by 2pm sharp.(Talk about being punctual!). I was going through the standard procedures of passing through villages, and so I thought. When I got to the final guard house I received a mysterious letter, which at first looked like I was being sanctioned or something. Then the guard said, "May nagpapabigay po sa inyo Sir", and on top of that he was smiling!

(Gummybear) I was really excited about the surprise letter.
Thank you kuya guards for the support and help.
I should give them a small gratitude gift this Christmas. :)

To no one's surprise, well, my surprise, it was a map, from a "very rich girl"(GummyBear), and it told me to go to the basketball court, and await for further instructions.

Finally, GummyBear signaled for a Go. When I arrived at the basketball court this was what I saw.

Who wouldn't be surprised with this kind of announcement of love?!
Overwhelming, just overwhelmed with joy and stunned with happiness.

To be there, that moment, I could never have imagined that someone like me, could be in this amazing moment, in this amazing relationship.

Just look at my face! P-I-G-ha!-T-A-L-ha! Grrrrrrr....
And to think, this was just the beginning.. Even before my mind, heart, body, and soul could even start to process what was happening, she then introduced the next surprise...

(Gummybear) The truth is, it was tragic. The letters were blown by the wind.
But I didn't feel any disappointments about it. I love how it went through on that day.
Every minute of it. :)
And for my second surprise, I tried my best to prepare
him sandwiches and a desert. I admit it was hard. But, with his reaction
about it, all my effort payed off. (I just hope he didnt make that comment
just because I'm his girlfriend. hehe.)

A picnic! and she cooked all the food! Which by the way, was sooo DELICIOUS!
Deli Sandwich that could rival that of Subway's sandwiches, this was the best!
Grilled cheese sandwich, it melts in your mouth, grabe, I only saw these in movies and in series, but now, I get to savor this great treat! The Pomelo drink was just the right compliment for everything.
And to top it all of, PANACOTTA PUDDING made by GummyBear!!

I was so moved, I was so surprised, I am sooo in love with this woman! With simple things comes great achievements, and in simply falling in love, feeling true love for each other, will make a person do extraordinary things. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY!

(Gummybear) It is one of my ways of showing my love for him and I'm sure
I have a lot of it! This is just a fragment of how I feel for you, my Butterfinger. I'm glad
with these simple things, I was able to express this huge LOVE for you.

After the great afternoon, we headed towards what would be an experience of a lifetime. It's something that I could never have imagined we, as a couple, would be able to do until our 5th or 6th anniversary. Although things didn't go as planned at first, God always has a way to give the best out of life.

(Gummybear) I was really nervous about the third surprise for it needed
good weather. But the faith I have with my Greatest Support System. God.
Never fails. I know that he'll make this day remarkable. And yes it was. :) We still
got to roam around CCP. God gave us these moments as a gift no money can buy.
It feels that we're the richest couple in the world. Because of this HUGE LOVE.

We were given the chance to tour around CCP Complex, Harbor Square, PICC, the whole lot. And the time that was given to us not only gave us the opportunity to explore the place, more than that, take one step, stop, and just enjoy the 1st year of our relationship, the first year God gave us.
God is GREAT!


Then, finally, it was time to top of the night with dinner. Not just any dinner, a cruise ship dinner, along Manila Bay and San Miguel Bay(MOA). A dream come true for both of us... Such a romantic night!

(Gummybear) It was indeed a great night! Unforgettable experience for I
spent it with him! We also
got the chance to meet great people. :)

It was truly a night to remember, super enjoy yung cruise! The staff were really nice, and service was great. We especially enjoyed the company we had on board. Very nice people from different places. They also had an acoustic band, bossa nova and love songs were some of the song selections that night, romantic di ba? hehehe... The breeze was soft and just right, and the view of the bay was spectacular!

(Gummybear) We also got the chance to request a song in dedication to our first anniversary.
Forevermore by Side A. It was a splendid night! The lights in shore lines was breathtaking.
We'll definitely try it again for the sunset. :)

It was such a great experience, the mood, the music, the company, the view, almost everything was perfectly done, the one thing that could have been improved was the food, just a so-so menu and a so-so taste, but I guess its the experience was the thing that people keep coming back for.

(Gummybear) I agree it was not that pleasing but still the experience is amazing.

Our 1st Anniversary was a great culmination of the 1st year of our GREAT relationship. It simply was MAGICAL, a great night with my Greatest Blessing!
What more can I say? I simply LOVE THE WAY SHE LOVES ME,

(Gummybear) I LOVE YOU and like I wrote in the letter,
For I have you my GREATEST BLESSING.

Happy 1st Anniversary!

-GummyBear & Butterfinger-

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