Thursday, December 23, 2010

Simbang Gabi @ St. Jude ---> BGC: Mile Hi Diner Treat for our Advanced Monthsary

Gummybear: It's already my 6th year of Simbang Gabi which started when I was in 4th year high school. It became a homage to my faith to complete the novena because, apart from the wish that could be granted (beliefs) it's my one way of showing gratitude to all the blessings I've got every year.

Butterfinger: Yes, I do get up at 3am in the mornings too, but this is so worth it because of the spiritual and emotional preparation the "Simbang Gabi" brings. Not only a time to reflect but also a time to remember for whom Christmas is all about. 

Gummybear: Since, the second to the last Simbang Gabi fell on Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 which is our St. Jude Day, we decided to have our Simbang Gabi at St. Jude. We had a great time during mass because of the energetic priest. I forgot the name, I'm not sure if I heard right, he's the parish priest of St. Jude Catholic School. Anyway, his lively homily keep us from falling asleep and before the mass ended he told us to stand up and sway together with raising of hands as the Christmas song of Christian Bautista was playing. Great way to start our day!
Gummybear: After that fun mass, we went straight to my monthsary treat at The Fort. Since, we're too early we decided to have our first photowalk having both babies on the side. :) We got awe-strucked by this wonderful steel tree standing in the middle of Burgos Circle.

Butterfinger: Yeah, and by babies we mean our cute cameras, hehe.. They say you have to walk through an area before you can say that you've been there, and the Fort has lots to offer, namely Burgos Circle. Gummybear said it right that we were awe-strucked by the great harmony of steel and organic. The best part for me was the slow sunrise while we took pictures while there was a cool breeze blowing.

Photowalk is fun!

Gummybear: We also tried the electric tricycle, 5 pesos for a tour around Bonifacio Global City. Sulit! Their last stop was near Market Market.

Butterfinger: The Eco-Tricycles were definitely a must ride here at the Fort. Only 5.00Php for the whole trip which goes around from Burgos Circle to a place near Market Market. In fact, Gummybear and I jumped on without thinking where we will end up, thank goodness the driver was kind enough to assure us that we'll be going to Market Market. If only more places incorporated this kind of public transportation. 

Butterfinger had fun all throughout the ride

Cool ride!

Never missed to take this photo. :)
Butterfinger: And now, on to the best part yet, Gummybear's surprise! What better way to top off a great photowalk around the Fort than to eat Burrito's and Burgers! Weee! Mile Hi Diner is the place to be when you are craving for healthy portions of your favorite burgers and burritos. With just a budget of about 250Php, kudos to we got a good deal of 500 worth of food which was already a full meal. We also recommend the fries that comes with most of their dishes, they are delicious! We will surely return for more! Another thing noted was their diner themed decorations. It was all in place, even the music taken from an era were "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis ruled the radio air waves.

Butterfinger: Our plates clean, our hungers fulfilled to the last bite, we surely will return to this great great place, that offers more than the usual malling experience. The Fort Global city is definitely a place where you can find great food, good sights and views, and a window peek to urbanization and modernization of our cities. More places to visit here, so we will continue to discover the offerings of this great city. Just goes to show how much we are blessed to be able to experience life and all its wonders.

Butterfinger & Gummybear


Anonymous said...

Cool post :) I also bought the mile hi deal from groupon, they rock :) you should also have a look at, they have almost 500,000 fans on facebook and great deals in the philippines too (today massage -80%) :)

Gummybear said...

Thank you for dropping by. :) Group buying sites are so helpful to us in trying different restaurants for a discounted price. The marketing is indeed great. We already looked into it and bought their first deal. -Butterfinger and Gummybear

Miguel Montoya said...

I think Mile-Hi Diner also has a branch in Camp John Hay. Decided against eating there in favor of Little John's (also in CJH)

I'm digging your blog by the way. Very, very clever.

And yes, im going to that open market place on BGC one of these days :D

Gummybear said...

Hi Migs! I heard it too that they have branch in Baguio and Tagaytay. This is just their only branch here in NCR, I think. Little John is quite interesting maybe if we happen to visit CJH we might check this place.

Thank you so much for the compliment. :) It's definitely worth a try. :) Happy Mercato Centrale Weekend! :) -Butterfinger and Gummybear

Mara said...

Hi, we are interested in using the food shots featured in this post. Is there any email address where we can contact you? Thanks and more power!

Gummybear said...

Hi Mara! You can email us in Thanks for dropping by. :) -Butterfinger and Gummybear

Mara said...

Thanks! Email sent. :)

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