Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wham's Burger for a 1&5th Monthsary treat by Butterfinger and more!

Gummybear: It was my Butterfinger's treat for our 1 & 5th Monthsary. It was actually our last hang out for 2010. Time was indeed fast. I can't put into words how much gratitude I have because of him. Thank you God for making my 2010 a blessed year.

Butterfinger: What better way to say "Au revoir" to 2010 and welcome 2011 than with the ones you love. Keeping things simple and sweet at the same time.

Gummybear: We strolled around holding hands in Mall of Asia. *always makes me flutter* Chat all day and making fun of simple things that caught our attention. We also had the best time to visit since they had their year end sale. I was so excited checking how low the prices were in my favorite shops. They were definitely tempting but I already spent most of my money so I found myself resisting and I aced it.

Butterfinger: I am pretty sure Gummybear held her breath each time we walked pass Maldita, Kamiseta, Terra Nova, ect. I tried to change the subject every time I thought she was ready to barge in and shop. Window shopping Honey, ok? :)

Gummybear: After we roamed around the place, we decided to eat at Wham's Burger. It's his treat. He bought Kapow Burger and I choose the Wham Burger. We were really starved walking around the mall so we ate like there's no tomorrow. I added some french fries (60 php) and they were more sulit than Mc Donald's fries. I remember Butterfinger said that Wham Burger was more affordable than the Jolibee's Champ. :) We were definitely satisfied customers. Actually, it was our second time but we felt it was a first time experience. Thank you Butterfinger for an awesome treat. :)

Gummybear: To have a complete meal I bought him Silvanas in Brownies. I warned him about being a messy dessert. A small bite will give him crumbles all over his face. And indeed it was, He was so cute having those white powder all over his face. I can't help laughing.

Butterfinger: What?! No pictures of the Silvanas? huhuhu.. At least no picture of my face covered with crumbles. So sweet of Gummybear as she laughed. Hehe.. Still, those silvanas were pretty good.

Butterfinger: There's no limit to what Christmas can bring. God has given me the chance to take care and share my life with Gummybear. I am thankful for this year, and as always, I wanted to surprise Gummybear.

Gummybear: It's time to go home. But before that, we had our exchange gifts first. I gave him the shorts which I bought in Bulacan Sale that he already knew. :) Eventhough, he knew about it, he can't stop jumping around because of the gift. Then, it was his turn. He gave me first gifts from Oller Family and Nanay Linda. I got teary eyed because I never thought Oller Family will give me gifts especially Nanay Linda. I was speechless. Then, Butterfinger gave me his gift which I already knew, its the jacket that he bought in Bulacan Sale. But I never expected that there's more than that. Inside the jacket there's this cute tee shirt that had a Butterfinger logo in front of it. I hugged him so tight and got tears. Isn't he amazing?

Gummybear: Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

Butterfinger & Gummybear
Butterfinger: I am very sorry for the super late post, Gummybear. I love you!

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