Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our take on the blogging issue..

ButterfingerWell, honestly, I don't want to take part on this issue other than I hope that bloggers out there stay true to what I think we all have/had when we started to blog, and that is passion for the things we blog about... It's not that I don't want to take sides, or I am not affected by this issue, I truly am affected, but more important to me than blaming anyone is the fact that this kind of practice is present among our culture. 

Never let people corrupt you or your passion for what you do. What I mean by this is that there will always be people who will take advantage of your talents and skills and also resources that you possess in order to make a profit. In my opinion, one's skills and assets are meant to be shared to others in a way that you don't step on your fellow man, making sure that every step you take to satisfy your passion is not on anyone's grief or downfall.

I don't have anyone in mind about who this Big Bad Blogger could be, it could be anyone who has a blog.. This could turn out in more ways than we could investigate each angle. I think that we should focus more on the idea that there are people who are willing to manipulate blogging as a tool for gaining profit from "unbiased" opinions. To be quite frank, its the PR company I'm more worried about.. Lets hope this big blow to bloggers everywhere does not ruin the fun and purity that is blogging.

To all of us bloggers, blogging is both a privilege and a right. A right because this is part of our "freedom of speech", a privilege because we share thoughts that will affect our fellow man, and with that comes responsibility.

Gummybear: As a blogger, I was disturbed and felt bad about the news. Definitely, disheartening. I'm concerned because as reader as well, we will be the one who'll suffer more from this propaganda. The veracity of a blogger will be at stake. Indeed, you're right Butterfinger, the PR company should be the one to be worried about. And we should know the reason why we blog in the first place so whenever a PR company wants to make a deal for you, you already know the answer. 

Let us make blogging a happy clean hobby!


Anonymous said...

HEllo how much is the bow and arrow in gandiva? Pls reply asap tnx i wanna buy and become Katniss Everdeen lol

Gummybear said...

I think 500 php/hour. But that was last year rate. I'm not sure if they change. Hope you'll enjoy, and be a stunning Katniss Everdeen. :) - Gummybear and Butterfinger

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