Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free 6 arrows in Gandiva Archery @ MOA

Gummybear: Ever since I saw this store, I wanted to try Archery but it was way out of budget for me. I think the rates are 500 for 1 hour. That's expensive right?! When, I saw the ad that they're having FREE 6 arrow rounds. I didn't hesitate to check it out. I grabbed Butterfinger to the store, though he's somewhat hesitant at first but was thrilled when he saw what it really was.

Butterfinger: Never in my wildest dreams that I have ever imagined my self inside an archery shop.(But I've had my fantasies of shooting arrows and being Robin Hood now and again). I thought it was going to be a hassle availing the promo, think paper works before the actual shots, but it proved me otherwise. They simply wanted everyone to try the sport, and maybe catch archery fever.

Gummybear: We bought our own target paper which was 25 bucks. We both felt the adrenaline rush in our body. I'm like Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Hehe! I admit that it's somewhat hard for me because I'm not that macho at all but it didn't hinder me from shooting those arrows even though one or two of them were shot outside the target paper. *sigh* I enjoyed it very much! Definitely worth to try!

Butterfinger: Told ya there was some buying involved, but it was for the better. 25 Pesos for target paper. It was not compulsory though, the staff told us that it would make the experience more rewarding eying a bull's down our sights. So we bought one. Gummybear tried first. I instantly changed my mind about the whole experience the moment she took stance and shot the arrow. I was now determined to hit the center. Nice shooting from Gummybear, and I think she would do great in archery, makes me think twice before getting her angry. Hehe.. 

Gummybear: It's already Butterfinger's turn and even though it's his first time to try he actually shot the middle of the target paper. He's definitely a keeper! I really admired him! +100000 crush points. :)

Butterfinger: Bow up, string pulled, sights set, concentration intense, then boom! right down the middle. Felt really good! I was trying to look calm and cool by the time we all realized I hit the bull's eye, but honestly, inside I was thinking "I'm the king of the forest! Bow before my magnificent skills!", or something like that. :)

We recommend this to anyone who wants to spur out the stresses and anger inside. Shooting the arrow and hitting the target will surely let some steam off, just make sure you choose your targets well.

Butterfinger & Gummybear

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