Friday, October 8, 2010

Events: Galleon Andalucia!

Another once in a lifetime experience.
We feel honored to witness this epic ship that played a huge part in our history.
I know, it's just a replica but a ship that really sails is a replica?!
Of course, we wanted to see it.
Even though, we waited for almost 6 hours. -Gummybear

Waiting isn't one of my strong traits, as for only a few things could make me plow
through hours standing under the hot sun and wishing the line would move an inch.
(GummyBear's definitely one of them, I LOVE YOU HONEY!)

Refreshing my AP class, Galleons were part of the trading history of the Philippines.

The goods that they brought were exchanged to Filipino products.
They called it 'barter".
How I wish we could still have that kind of trading without
using the root of all evil, MONEY.
Hello, customs! -Gummybear

Galleons also were the ones who brought Ferdinand Magellan to our side of the
world, which docked at Cebu.
Well, as much as I would love to agree with you Honey, I think that
money is not the root of all evil, I think its the greed for money.
How I would also love trading as a means of getting what we need, no excess stuff,
nothing wasted, just traded!

Inside the basketball court where we're staying to get called, there are lots of
booths that sells goodies. Butterfinger saw this cute fish coin purse.
He love it big time. How I wished I could turn back time and buy it for him. sad. :(


After another waiting inside the basketball court,
it's already our turn to see the mystical Galleon!
The weather was not good at that time,
we already felt that it's going to rain, so we hurried but too bad we can't go aboard
because of the weather so, we just took pictures outside. :(

Despite of the intense heat of the sun and the people around us.
Butterfinger and I were so grateful we got the chance to visit Galleon Andalucia.
Hoping they'll come back again and in a DEFINITELY organized event.

Feeling robbed by the weather (it rained just as we were to board the Galleon!),
we still feel lucky to have been part of the momentous occasion.
Momentous being two sides of the coin, one momentously long waiting,
and the other, momentously enriching, even for just a brief time.

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