Saturday, October 2, 2010

Events: Surprise Gift & John Mayer Live in Manila

John Mayer Setlist SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Pasay City, Philippines 2010, 2010 Battle Studies Tour
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"A simple little kind of free." -Perfectly Lonely by John Mayer

Watched John Mayer in a parking lot with Butterfinger, Ella, Tinay and klasmeyts was
just purely AMAZING.

Butterfinger found the best spot to have an overlooking view of the concert.

Aiza Seguerra's voice matched beautifully the heavy rain. She did a great front act.


I definitely agree! Something this good thats free, now thats something rare now a days.


John Mayer started with smooth riffs building up to the song Vultures. :)
Then, played a jumpy song of No Such Thing.
People didn't mind the heavy rain, as they just sang jubilantly with John Mayer.
Smooth transition of Perfectly Lonely serenaded us.
He did a nifty cover of Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine.
Slowly Dancing in a Burning Room made Butterfinger and I a slow dance all throughout the song.
Of course, we never miss to sing out loud with John Mayer especially if its Waiting on the World to Change.
Good vibes like Stop This Train. What more can you ask?
People got wild when he start playing Your Body is a Wonderland.
Who says we can't be stoned? A reflection for change by John Mayer.
Heartbreak Warfare is the best break! People were back on their voice and SINGING.
Who wouldn't want to be serenaded with the song Gravity? We're so LUCKY!
Soothing guitar riffs for Do You Know Me. We love it!
Lights swirled and sound played splendidly that made Why Georgia unforgettable!
Outstanding mashup of Half of my Heart and Don't Stop Believin.
We thought that it will be the end song. He already said farewell. The lights went down.
But the people screaming for "MOOOORRRREEE"
We've seen a lot of that drama and all but it was a catch for all of us.
We're so happy that he went back stage and sung Edge of Desire. Indeed smashing performance.

Once in a lifetime experience!

Here's the pics!

Overlooking view from 3rd Flr parking lot.

Still got a glimpse shot of the stage.



Butterfinger surprised me as well as my little sister with a pair of shoes for the both of us.
Kulit ng trip niya. He gave us this package counter card and instructed us to go in
Hypermarket to retrieve the bags he deposited. We were clueless what's with the package.

We opened it and it was my favorite shoes! I'm always eyeing it for some time now.
Grabe talaga! He made me teary eyed again. My sister was also surprised because she only knew
that the surprise was just for me. She didn't have any idea that she's also included in it. :)

Thank You So Much Butterfinger!

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