Sunday, October 17, 2010

Manila Ocean Park Musical Fountain

Cue the Starfish! Lights, Water, Action!

It has been more than 2 years since the grand opening of Manila Ocean Park,
the famed name across Asia as one of the premiere marine wildlife leisure parks.
We were lucky enough to visit it for the first time to watch the Musical Fountain
show, said to dazzle kids of all ages. 
We are kids at heart after all!

We are indeed! got lucky to have had that 50 pesos promo.
Dream come true! -GummyBear

We opted to avail of the great promo, register with them and watch the show for only 50Php! 

The show wasn't until 6PM so we went on ahead and explored the vicinity 
for a awhile. All I could say is that the park was big enough to accommodate 
at least 500 people, was not huge as compared to the Ocean Park of HongKong,
 but still was larger than I could have imagined. Also, there is a hotel inside 
the park itself, called the Hotel H20.
We went inside and asked for a brochure, but they were all out.
Here's their website if interested, as the hotel seemed high class.

Love the concept of the hotel. Such a catch! 
Got  the idea already about the rates? :)

Not lacking in food choices, there were lots of restaurants to choose from.
From the mass oriented Chowking, or if you decide to partake on different
Asian inspired cuisine, the Makansutra.
We wanted to try but we can't afford it. Too pricey.

After awhile, the line outside started to get crowded, meaning the show was
about to start. When we got to the bleachers, the staff gave us free 
raincoats in case strong winds blow the water towards us.

It was a thrill ride for both young and old, and all of us in middle, hehe..
I was actually surprised that we are now this close
 to water park entertainment as compared to 
Singapore and Hong Kong. The music is pretty catchy and the
lights were just spectacular! Singing and dancing marine life, 
what more could a chid want? I know I was very satisfied. 

The musical fountain got our young hearts. My sister told me that this show 
was based from Singapore. We're so lucky  to watch this undeniable entertaining show
in 50 bucks.Can you believe it? Uhuh, us either.
Aside from that, they were live actors in fat chef, starfish, prawn's costumes
who played for a definitely catchy story.
Sounds bombarded us with enthusiastic rhythm with no doubt 
made the show full of excitement. 
The children, who was on a field trip that day, wowed that much. 

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