Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bubble Tea: A Bubbly way to start the day!

Ahem! Another wonderful surprise from my Gϋmmybear. And if you've been reading through our posts, you'll notice that her surprises usually starts with both of us getting lost and finding ourselves asking for directions. Not that I'm complaining, its still a blessing in disguise when we get lost. It is in those times we find hidden treasures among roads less traveled.

     That day, we found ourselves craving for some blended iced coffee and strawberry shakes, but we found more than that inside Bubble Tea. This is a newly opened Bubble Tea branch in the Greenhills area(take note, "area" not the mall itself). Being very keen on good deals and discounts on the net, we stumbled upon a great deal on, which granted us to 600Php worth of food (99 for 300 worth of food x 2 = 198 for 600 worth of food) and 2 large milk tea for free. 

Gummybear - It's in West Greenhills. I didn't know that place was that big. They even needed to have a North, South, East and West area. When we were lost, we did this act in which we came up with conversations about how to get there, just like the popular reality show, the amazing race. :)

The place itself lives up to its name, its full of round bubbly decors. Cute and comfy in pink with sprinkles of light toned colors, you'll feel giggly inside the Bubble Tea. 

When we had the menu on our hands, we were surprised to see more than the usual blended ice beverages among other things. They actually have an assortment of japanese dishes, from the usual tempura and Katsudon(which I LOVE by the way), to the authentic japanese mainstay dishes like sushi and okonomiyaki (japanese pancakes).

Stars means best sellers!

We ordered the Kani Salad for starters, then we added the Okonomiyaki, Crunchy California Maki, and of course the Katsudon. 
The Kani Salad tasted fresh and with just enough japanese mayo to tickle the palate.
At first bite, the Crunchy California Maki was really tasty, with a hints of toasted sesame seeds sprinkled over the maki. But as you take in more of the maki, the saltiness of the toasted sesame seed began to overpower the maki experience, leaving the mango, cucumber, and the rest of the maki as mere aftertastes to the saltiness of the seeds. 

The Kastudon on the other hand was very satisfying.Even a self proclaimed Katsudon conosuire such as myself would be quite satisfied with a big bowl like this. The melting pot of vegetables and the pork was really tasty, just a hint of sweetness to it. One serving was also enough for both Gummybear and I.
Where the Katsudon left off, the Okonomiyaki followed! We loved it! The japanese really know how to turn ordinary pancakes into mouth watering. It had all the japanese flavors you like, balancing sweet with salty, creamy texture melts in your mouth. The only problem we had with this is that there wasn't enough! We wanted more!
For Free (worth 80)

Free Again! (worth 80)

Gummybear - Aside from the amazing discount we that got, the heartwarming joy of Butterfinger made my day. It's my advance 14th monthsary surprise. Wee! We also had another adventure that day, the 1st ever Desert Expo. Watch out for the blog! 

Butterfinger and Gummybear

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