Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Sweet tooth for 1st Ever Desert Expo!

Gummybear: Last time, we blogged about the event here, and this is how it all went down. It was definitely, a splendid event, kudos to Goodfellas Productions. They did it outstandingly. We got invites as bloggers. We never thought that we could attend such a marvelous event.

Butterfinger: Yes! We have it right here, the on the spot cover of the expo! Tummies were  filled, our sweet tooth's satisfied, sugar ran high as we took a bite at the sweeter side of life.

Gummybear: A lot of great chefs were part of the event sharing they're sweet irresistible desserts. We never allow to miss one booth and of course return to satisfy our sweet tooth. I wished I could remember all the participants and give comments to each one. But all of them we're such connoisseurs. We were like in La La Land for every bite we had. Aside from the taste, they marvelously made it with cute designs that made us drool.

Butterfinger: Every chef that attended had there own versions of the classics like Tarts, Cookies, Cakes, and more. Sweet was not the only flavor we tasted, a harmony of different flavors gave a broader meaning to desserts.

Here are some of our pics:


Spicy Chocolate! Yum for P265 per box of 18

Mmm for P670 per 8inch

Definitely worth a dozen try for P580 per 8inch

Great for gift this holidays!

Don't forget the delicious cream puffs!

Revel bars were definitely in!

Blueberry cheesecake, my favorite!
Gummybear: My expectation about the expo was like the ones in World Trade Center and SMX, where they have booths. Anyway, we had a great time lurking around the sweets! Thank you for the invites! Looking forward for 2nd Desert Expo!

Butterfinger: Me too! Thought the place would look like a warehouse full of sweet desserts, kinda like the ones GummyBear mentioned, but this intimate style of expo lives up to the title: First Dessert Expo. See you on the second one!

Other photos from the event:

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