Sunday, November 14, 2010

Errands: Passport Renewal in DFA

Ongoing construction of New DFA

GummyBear:  I don't have any picture of the New DFA, so this is just from Google. :) Anyways, I was so excited for my passport renewal. Imagine, I still have the brown passport with my baby picture, way back when my family and I needed to go back here in the Philippines from Libya (my birth place). 

My appointment time was 10:30am, Nov 13, 2010. I got there just in time but the problem was my papers and all the requirements was with my boyfriend, Paulo (Butterfinger) and he was still on his way. I left it in his car the other day. Geez. According to guidelines, I should arrive there 30 minutes before the appointment time. Arggh, so stressed.

To make the story short, I was still able to catch the appointment because they had a cutoff upto 11:00 am. Even though your appointment time is 10 or 10:30 am you'll still be in time if you arrive not later than 11am. But I suggest to not rely on it because you'll be in a hurry. It is much better to go there without the sweat unlike me. *sigh* 

I was amazed of how the new system of the DFA works. It's definitely fast. After I showed my papers to the guard, I proceeded to the verification area, then next was inside the building where you'll be going to show your papers again, they'll punch your old passport and will give you a paper to be used in paying the fee which is in second floor. There was a line though, but so glad that it was not that long. I paid the fee and they gave me a number and my receipt. I sat down and waited for my number to be called for data encoding which included the picture taking. Geez, I forgot to put on light makeup. Anyways, simplicity is beauty (rationalization).*sigh*  I haven't experienced the old DFA system so I can't compare it. Anyways, I love the experience! Wee! I paid the express one so I'll get my new passport on Dec 1. Yey! 

Butterfinger stayed in his car which was parked in the nearby Petron because escorts were not allowed inside.

By the way, I did the Online Appointment, and you might also want to try the DFA Hotline            (02) 737-1000.



Anonymous said...

Very informative, thanks!

Gummybear said...

Thank you! -Butterfinger and Gummybear

Anonymous said...

were you able to get your passport on time?

Gummybear said...

Yes, I did. Just like I said above, don't rely about the cut-off time. It is much better to arrive there at your appointment time. :)

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