Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrating our 1 & 6th Monthsary at Burger Project & Tree Top Adventure

Gummybear: It was our 1 and 6th Monthsary last January 27, 2011 and we were excited for our monthly adventures. We already planned that we're going to have the Tree Top Adventure for this one and aside from that Butterfinger also had a surprise for me. I just love surprises!

Butterfinger: Yes, it is essential to have a plan when going on trips, but a surprise or two makes a good trip awesome. hehe.. And mind you, I always want to put a smile on Gummybear's face.  I stayed up all night just to prepare a map, but then because of sleepiness, I carelessly shut down the computer before saving and printing the darn thing. :( 
Gummybear: Great time also because it was our St. Jude day so we headed to the novena first and then we went to Butterfinger's surprise. I brought my map because of Butterfinger's tragic map making the night before, he was really sad about it of course, Gummybear to the rescue. :)

Gummybear: Along the road he already spilled his surprise, he told me that we're going to the Burger Project in Maginhawa St. Teacher's Village, Quezon City. I was definitely surprised because he remembered that I told him about wanting to visit the place. I was really wowed. He's a real keeper! No words can describe how I felt. 

Butterfinger: Good thing though that I remember all of the points on where to turn, what are the land marks, maybe staying up late wasn't waste of time at all. We may have detoured from the original route a couple of times but who's counting eh? ;) We also saw a lot of food stands along Maginhawa street, the burger project was almost at the end.

Gummybear: I was excited when we arrived at the place. I couldn't wait to make my own burger. The receptionist gave us this checklist and it took me a while to choose from the options whether which was a good ingredient for my burger. After many centuries (haha), I made up my mind for my burger. It includes, 100% beef in a poppyseed bun topped with canadian bacon, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and onions, oozed with mozarella cheese and with garlic sauce. Yummy! Because I took too long on making my own burger I forgot to name it. I would have definitely named it as Comfort Hug by Butterfinger. Obviously the food had a lot of toppings which resembled my Butterfinger and the warmth of the burger similar to his comfort hug. Yee! I became a child all over again.

Butterfinger: Mine contained the beef patty, caramelized onions, mozarella cheese, jalapeƱo peppers, and garlic sauce. It was really good! One of the best burgers I've tasted. And the fact that I chose the toppings made it a special burger. I called it Gummybear's hot wrath, oh I mean love. ;) 

Gummybear: Good gracious, I created a masterpiece. :) Definitely loved my burger. We also ordered two sets of onion rings alongside of our masterpiece burgers. We were so stuffed that we could barely stand. Thank you, Butterfinger for the surprise! I enjoyed it a lot.

Gummybear: After the memorable making our  own burgers, we went off to Tree Top. Since, we're already in C.P Garcia, we decided to visit UP's famous fried isaw owned by Mang Larry's. Actually, it was also part of Butterfinger's surprise. I was so thrilled because fried isaw is one of my favorite foods, which he also remembered. This guy is a gem! Sorry girls, got him already. :) Unfortunately, Mang Larry's fried isaw store wasn't open at that time. Operating hours was 4pm - 10pm. Anyway, the thought of bringing me to this famous isaw house is still one the best gift he gave me. :)

Gummybear: We went off now to Ortigas for our first ever Tree Top Zip Line Adventure. It's 200 meters and 100 feet above the ground. We're going to have an exciting and thrilling ride. When we arrive there, we're only the customer so it was like it was reserved for us. The staff were very accommodating and they did give a brief talk about the zip-line. We had a fun time riding their zip-line. Honestly, I was not that satisfied with the speed because it wasn't that consistent. There was a time that it became a little slow after we got released from the other tower. Anyway, I'm looking forward for their new ride which was the Parachute Ride. It will drop just like you're skydiving but with harnesses. Hmm, definitely worth a try!

Butterfinger: Circulo Verde is still being developed, lots of construction going on. And right in the heart of it was the zip-line. I was really skeptical on whether the zip-line was going to hold someone like me. But the friendly staff assured me that people heavier than me already tried and turned out safe. I'm not scared of heights, its just that I am a large man that is concerned with safety. hahaha.. 

Gummybear: I definitely had a great day! Aside from those adventure it's the moment that I share with my Butterfinger which I'm glad the most. I always thank God that I've got the chance to be with him and hopefully throughout my lifetime. :)

Happy 1 & 6th Monthsary! I LOVE YOU!
Butterfinger & Gummybear

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