Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a 1 and 6th Monthsary Surprise: Photowalk with D5Klub

An entry during FEB. 27, 2011:

Gummybear: A Photowalk has been one of the things that ranked high on our "things-to-do-list". So when Butterfinger found out that the D5Klub will be having a photo-walk in Quiapo and Binondo, he didn't hesitate to sign-up. Great timing too! Because on that same day, was also the day of our 1 and 6th Monthsary. Another extraordinary experience for both of us. :)

It was amazing because we met a lot of photography hobbyist, and wow, they were awesome. One good thing that I loved about it, is that we were equal. Just do photography that's it. You're not an executive or a student there. You're a photographer.

Gummybear's best shots:

Butterfinger: It was a great learning experience for both of us. It was the first time that we got to meet other enthusiasts like us, who love photography. Our dear members of the D5Klub were all very accommodating, and great people. That, for me, was the one of the key elements to the success of the photowalk that day. Everyone was trying to help each other, and no one was bossy or trying to stand out. It was also our first time doing street photography, which was the theme that day. 

We learned a lot that day, and met great new friends. We had a blast with everyone and hope that we can go on another photowalk soon!

Butterfinger's best shots:

There are a few things that we would like to remind you if ever your would decide on joining a photowalk:

1.) Be SAFE.
-Not everyone is kind and courteous. Take caution and be aware of your environment, especially because you are carrying your hard earned gears and camera. Being in a group helps a lot.

2.) Wear something COMFORTABLE and APPROPRIATE.
-Some photographers make the mistake of over dressing. Remember, your going to walk for hours, carrying a pretty heavy camera, and maybe even under direct sunlight, so save yourself the trouble of fumbling with your clothes, it shouldn't take you away from experience.

3.) CHARGE your batteries and EMPTY your memory cards
-I know, I know, everyone know that! Yeah, but everybody mostly forgets of this detail, and that means no more photowalk for you! Don't let a suddenly low battery or a suddenly full card ruin your photowalk, plan accordingly.

4.) Bring WATER.
-Trust us, you'll need it. You wouldn't want to become dehydrated and faint in the middle of the shoot.

5.) Have an OPEN MIND
-You'll be with a variety of photographers if its a group photowalk. With different people comes different personalities, and different personalities sometimes clash. So don't be that person who hogs a spot, and is more interested in belittling your fellow photographers with your self proclaimed fame. Learn from each other, you'll be surprise how much you get in sharing. 

-If you consider yourself as a photographer, you should also have the proper attitude and manners of one. Be polite and courteous to the people you meet. If someone is talking, listen. If the subject is in an extreme state of being, don't just stand there and take photos like he/she is modelling, if you feel the need to, just take a shot and move on, remember #1.

 7.) Don't "Spray and pray"
-Try not to "Spray and pray" as Jared Polin of said. This is when you burst shot everything, then just looking for the best one after. Try to feel the moment, practice composing your shots, think and feel before you pull the trigger. 

8.) Have FUN!
-Why are you doing this in the first place? To have fun! To be happy! Because photography, like any other passion or hobby, brings happiness to ones life.

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