Thursday, February 10, 2011

A taste of "authentic turkey" @ Jacob's Shawarma

Butterfinger: Ever wondered where did the very delicious Shawarma came from? We see great varieties and a lot of stalls selling this non-native dish, and they sell like pancakes. But did you guys know that Shawarma originated from the Middle East? It also has a lot of names like "Gyros" in Greece, and "Döner kebab" in Turkey, with both roughly meaning "to turn". Yes, there is a lot to learn from this great food. And what more could you ask for than to partake on a truly authentic "Döner kebab" right here in the Philippines.

Enter Jacob's Shawarma, also it was Gummybear's foodie treat!

 Gummybear: I don't have any idea that there's a version of shawarma in Turkey. So, definitely it got me curious when I saw this place in Metro Deal.

Butterfinger: The place is in the heart of Ortigas, just behind Robinson's Galleria. It's a hole-in-the-wall kinda place, but the moment you enter you can see and feel why this place is the real deal. Turkish ensembles welcome you to a place even a native of Turkey can call home. You will be given a sneak peek on the history and culture of Turkey, they even have a wall with a large map of the country. On the other side, you'll notice a dedication wall, and on it writings of famous people that gave their thumbs up to the great food. Mind you though, from my observation the place can only accommodate about 20-25 people, so you may be waiting to be seated on peak hours. Luckily, we got there at a good time when people already had lunch. :) And the owner, Sir Jacob Cortes, the man himself, was there. By the way, he is the face that's on the store's logo.
Gummybear: I love the Turkey-ish feeling of the place. It made me feel that I already visited Turkey. I also liked the wall which few celebrities wrote on it. :)  

Butterfinger: Now, the ultimate taste test. Will the food live up to the hype, or will this just be another Shawarma. Let me tell you now, even before taking one bite of the Döner kebab, we already knew this one's special. From the preparation the shawarma looked awesome, with a lot of ingredients going into the pita bread itself. And to think that their shawarma is 12 inches long! Yeah, you heard right, foot long shawarma goodness. :)

Gummybear:  That's right Butterfinger, based on the size, you'll know that it was worth your penny. We're not just talking about the taste yet, and if we include that. It was bona petite!

Butterfinger: It was delicious! Gummybear and I both ordered the beef and lamb combo, and we also had a chicken kebab on the side, which was also prepared the same way but the slices of meat was replaced by chicken kebab.

Butterfinger: Yummy yummy yummy! It did not taste like any other shawarma I've ever had. Their shawarma was really packed with the beef and lamb, no tendons or hard to chew parts like other shawarma's. Plus, the combination of the vegetables inside really compliments the meat. Also, the pita bread had this really nice crunchy outer layer and very soft inner layer. You have the option to chose whether you want it mildly hot, or really hot, depends on your mood. hehe, or your tolerance to spiciness.  They also have this lime juice bottle that brings a bit acidity to the meal, which is really nice. The chicken kebabs was a good twist on the shawarma style, substituting kebab meat to the thin slices of meat, but none the less, also really good! More please!

Butterfinger: They change their choices of stuffing from day to day, this is to diversify their take on shawarma, so that the customers don't get bored of the usual beef and lamb. Tuesdays and Fridays are Beef and Lamb combos, Wednesdays is fish day(Salmon), and on Saturdays through Mondays are chicken days. Don't worry, they are open 24/7 to  cater to shawarma cravings. Price per shawarma goes around 150Php-200Php depending on type of shawarma. They also have the Turkish dessert called Baklava which we'll surely try the next time we go. Not bad huh? For a satisfying, not to mention the best authentic shawarma in town, go to Jacob's Authentic Döner Kebab

Many thanks to this nice man, Sir Jacob Cortes for the great service and food. And my Gummybear, for this nice foodie escapade! ÜÜÜ

Gummybear: It's my pleasure Butterfinger! :) *yabang face*

Butterfinger & Gummybear

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